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2136 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Corps


Welcome to 2136 RCACC

'Cadets,' the largest federally sponsored youth program in Canada, is a national program for young Canadians aged 12 to 18 with an interest in participating in a variety of challenging and rewarding outdoor and adventure activities. The Army Cadet program emerged shortly after Confederation and, more than a century later, almost 60,000 boys and girls are enrolled as Sea, Army and Air Cadets

This web site has been created to assist Cadets and their families with current information and to act as a resource for them in their journey of accomplishment. It also serves as a window for anyone interested in the program and would like to know more before showing up on a regular meeting night. Although we will endeavor to provide as much information as we can, nothing is as rewarding as coming down to the Bay Street Armoury and experiencing first hand the great opportunities that the Cadet Program provides.